PreK-12 Liberal and Fine Arts Program

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This school can change your life...The teachers make you feel at home.  Here at STCA you can be yourself.

                                -Alex, Grade 6

STCA is academically challenging and the instructors are very good at their jobs.  They make learning fun!

                                               - Juliana, Grade 10 

I love STCA because it is life changing. It has helped so many people with their studies and beliefs.  Everyone is awesome here!

                          - Catie, Grade 6

I like the teachers they are nice, they help you to understand the things you learn in class and they are fun to be with. The classes lively and not boring. 
                                - Cecelia, Grade 8th​

Our school is great. The teachers are great. You get a good education and have lots of fun. 

                                       - Connor, Grade 6

The teachers are fun and make you feel at home.  Everyone is friends and you learn a lot. 

                           - Lauren, Grade 7

Where students are taught how to think not what to think.

​​​Saint Therese Classical Academy

Here Students Feel: 

"STCA is a great school, with great teachers that make the classes not as boring as usual. I have learned a lot here including a classical education. I have done better in my classes and they have gotten easier to understand especially, Latin and Greek.

                                                           - Craig, Grade 8