​​​Saint Therese Classical Academy

Mrs. Terri Raciti

Headmistress and Instructor of Latin, Rhetoric, HS Religion, Pre-Algebra and Music

PreK-12 Liberal and Fine Arts Program

Mrs. Carlise Azmitia
Teacher of Voice and Photography

Mrs. Nadia Maczaj

Teacher of Middle School and Upper Elementary History and Geography

Sara Ann Raciti

Music and Teacher Little Flower Learners

Where students are taught how to think not what to think.

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Ms Marie DeMarmels

Teacher Middle School Religion and Life Skills

Miss Liz Herrera

Teacher Little Flower Learners

Miss Naomi Thompson

Teacher of High School Classical History, Literature and Socratic Logic

Mrs. Miriam Muse

Teacher of Elementary Religion and Science

Mrs. Dorothy Hernandez
Teacher of Algebra II  and Math Tutor

Mrs. Paula Cornine


Mrs. Lee Herrera

Teacher of Junior and High School Science